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Exploitation of forests and building of forest roads

Forests make an endless and renewable reservoir provided they are rationally managed, which is possible with the application of science and technology. Our activities are primarily in the area of the Kotor Varoš municipality.

We manage forests by applying the strict environmental, social and economic standards that is confirmed by SGS-FM/COC-004338 Certificate, reflecting on the many years of work and knowledge of our staff, who are a part of the FSC Standard system.

We follow all the modern and scientifically acceptable positions for exploitation of forest resources, requiring efficient usage of the forest fund, while in parallel preserving the nature.

Within the forest exploitation, we perform:

Works on cutting, transporting and carrying out of forest wood assortments

At an annual level, we perform between 35,000 and 40,000 m3 of cutting and transporting of wood. Transporting is primarily done using forestry machinery TIMBERJACK skidder tractors (360, 240C, 225D), while bringing closer and carrying out of forest is done using animals. Tree cutting is done throughout the year, except in the case of huge weather disasters (extreme weather conditions), when we make a break.

Our well-equipped, trained and experienced professional woodcutters have made excellent results for many years now, in all types of forests, regardless of the type of cutting, field or weather conditions. In very slant areas, with deep springs separating pieces of land, we use forestry skidder tractors and horses to bring and move logs closer for transporting and carrying the wood assortment out.

Building of forest skid trails and building and maintenance of forest truck roads

Successful and intensive cutting and transport of wood assortment is impossible without well-designed and constructed network of forest tractor and truck roads. We build roads, in a professional manner, using the new generation machines and equipment. With regards to building of skid trails, we have four dosing machines and tow mining mobile teams, which are ready to use LAND ROVER DEFENDER vehicles to come, at any time and any place, to complete a task.

Good quality building of tractor and truck roads is done within foreseen deadlines and using the construction norms and standards. In this sense, our machinery is modern and available for building of 15-20 km of hard forest truck roads at an annual level.

Cultivation and protection of forests

Forests are a renewable resource that must be carefully and rationally managed. In line with this, what we do is professional cultivation and protection of our forests. The works on forestation are done using all types of planting materials and all types of planting, both manually and mechanically. In addition to choosing the planting material of good quality, the planting success is confirmed in the field by green forestation areas of cultures of spruce, white and black pine, ash, maple and other deciduous trees. Intensive forest management also implies adequate engagement and permanent continuity of works on nurturing of natural young forests as well as cleaning from undesirable types of artificial plantations. Not many years go without forest fires, requiring professionals to be engaged. Since our business is professionally related to forests, we have always been prepared, with our professional, human and material resources, to engage in putting out of forest fires.