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Firewood and firing pieces

Firewood is a traditional fuel, which has been used in different ways for centuries. We have been producing firewood since 2004. The quality of our firewood is of the first-class. Annually, we process 15,000-20,000 m3 of firewood, which we primarily place on the European market.

In our offer, we have dried and raw firewood from hardwood deciduous beech, oak and white beech. We use horizontal and vertical wood splitter, type Pezzolato, for firewood processing.

Our production program is as follows:

  • Firewood in long, round logs
  • Firewood in round logs, cut in one-meter size (round, logs)
  • Firewood on pallets
  • Firewood in bags
  • Firing pieces

We have a possibility of facilitated customs clearance with certificate, with the delivery and distribution for each customer being of a good-quality, on time and as agreed.

We do direct delivery for local orders up to 50 km delivery.

Firewood is ecological fuel, with its combustion creating the same quantity of CO2 as if it was left to rot in the soil, plus it is a neutral material from the point of view of accepting and releasing of carbon into the atmosphere.

Firewood on pallets

We produce firewood for furnaces, households, central heating and fireplaces.
Our firewood is packed on pallets, which range from 0.9m3 to 1.8 m3 volume and our customers can choose the dimensions from 25 to 50 cm.

Standard pallets:
100x100x100 cm;
100x100x180 cm;
100x100x90 cm;

We perform strict control of wood chopping, sawing and putting of wood onto pallets.

Firewood in bags

If you live in city areas and have a problem with storing of firewood, firewood packed in bags is a proper solution for you. Our firewood is packed into net bags, which are 13 to 15 kg of weight. One pallet consists of 62 bags.

Firing pieces

Firing pieces are produced of pure fir and spruce wood. We pack it into net bags, so as to ensure good ventilation, keep the supreme quality and a low level of moisture. We pack firing pieces as per desires and requests of our customers. Our standard and most frequent pack is 5 kg of firing pieces in small bags, with 72 bags on a pallet.